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Eating Out

Fougeres CastleThis is the old town in Fougeres, below the castle. If you wander here you will find various cafes and creperies. Les Voyageurs, in the centre of Fougeres, is run by Stéphane and Anne-Sophie Galon who worked for some time in Provence, which influences the food they serve - and some of the drink! They are a very friendly couple, always ready to try out their English language skills on struggling tourists.

Stéphane is a superb chef whose reputation has grown rapidly in the region and he has a weekly slot on local radio. Fresh local produce is used and the menu changes with the seasons. Make sure you leave room for the fantastic desserts.

L'Auberge De La Source has a growing reputation in the area and is currently very popular with the locals, providing good food at reasonable prices. It is necessary to book well in advance of your trip, to guarantee a table.

There are many other restaurants in the area. If you want to eat out every night of the week, we can recommend somewhere for you - more information is contained in our Guest's Handbook. It is advisable to book some of the restaurants as they can be very busy at weekends and may not open earlier in the week without a reservation. Most will be able to understand enough English to make the booking.

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