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Markets In The Area

Spices If you like to cook, you'll love the fresh local produce available in the region at small shops, like old-fashioned butchers, bakers and fishmongers, and excellent markets. We've tried to equip the gites so that preparing the food is as much fun as buying it.

You can't miss market day. The French take it very seriously and it's easy to see why. Farmers and traders come from miles around to put their wares on display and there are all sorts of bargains to be found. Stock up on morning fresh fruit and vegetables - their flavour will astonish you. Chose some meat or fish, country bread baked in wood ovens, eggs, cheese or local butter. Buy some wine or cider. Stop for a hot local sausage wrapped in a galette. Or just browse around the clothes and household goods. Make sure you get there early. Most stallholders start to clear up at midday and retire to the bars for refreshment before heading off home. The most popular market for miles around is at St. Hilaire every Wednesday and if you visit only one, make sure it's this one.

Local markets include:

Monday St. James Market
Tuesday Ernee
Wednesday St. Hilaire (everybody's favourite) and Gorron
Thursday Le Teilleuil
Friday Louvigne du Desert and Fougerolles du Plessis
Saturday Fougeres, Laval and Avranches

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