La Locherie Weather Station

 Latitude N 48° 26' 10"    Longitude W 00° 58' 46"    Elevation 230 m

Weather station sensorsConditions at La Locherie are now recorded by a Vantage Pro2 Plus personal weather station, manufactured by Davis Instruments. Sensors positioned 20 metres from the house measure temperature; outside humidity; barometric pressure; rainfall volume; solar radiation; UV, wind speed and wind direction and transmit the data to an indoor base station via a wireless network.

To manage and calculate our data, we use a software program called Cumulus, developed by Steve Loft. Cumulus is more sophisticated and elegant than the program provided with the station and in addition to the measurements taken by the station, it calculates a seres of additional measures. (For an explanation of meteorological terms see the Cumulus Wiki). We have developed the way the data is displayed in line with our requirements and preferences. If you wish to develop your own weather website, the Cumulus Forum is a fantastic source of help.

Our sensors are located above grass: barometric pressure and temperature sensors at 2.5m, the rainfall gauge at 3m and the wind sensors at 3.5m. Data from the sensors is transmitted at intervals of 3 seconds to one minute, depending upon the sensor. The meteorological day used by the station ends at midnight, local time. The daily data has been stored in a database since records began on 19th December 2009. Prior to the Davis station, it was collected by a Fine Offset WH1081, until 15th February 2014.

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